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Tapjoy Reviews

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  • Tapjoy Fraudulent Offers

    I fulfilled an offer as requested by Talbot and was not compensated with the avacoins. This was an offer to sign up and follow through with payment for an account on Fandor movie app. Well, it said my coins would appear in 24 hours. Haha! Not only have I not received any coins, but when I attempt to put in the support ticket, Tapjoy has denied there was ever an offer with this company!! Now, come on! I never even heard of Fandor till I saw this offer! How would I know any info about it if there was never an offer. Now I am seeing all the other support tickets here saying they have not been... More...
  • Tapjoy missing coins

    I completed a total of 4 offers on avakin life and not received any of my coins. I submitted a ticket, but they say I received my coins. I sent pictures trying to prove I completed the two big offers, but no reply. The tapjoy app also say I didn't receive but the ticket say I did. Can u please help me with this issue Order a Rush card 13440 Complete level 25 gardenscapes 15702 More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Missing diamonds for doing tapjoy action

    I did a Tapjoy offer that said I would receive 8564 diamonds in the Covet game for paying $2.98 Shipping and Handling for Highlights magazines. I paid the money via credit card and despite contacting Tapjoy on numerous occasions and sending evidence of my purchase via screenshots of the confirmation of payment and forwarding emails from Highlights, I still have not received any follow up nor the diamonds from Tap Joy. This is infuriating, especially since this is not the first time this happened. More...
  • No reward for in game offer

    I don't know if I'm doing this in the right place or not but. I completed a offer in the game dragon souls where I had to sign up to playlottery.com and pay £1 for a euromillions ticket, I done this I got my ticket the £1 was took out my bank account but I never got my diamonds I emailed two-hour they asked for more information so I sent them screenshots of the playlottery web page after I registered and payed but they have not replied after 3 days and I'm getting frustrated. Iknow £1 is not alot but that's not the point I payed for a service got the... More...
  • My missing currency

    I sent Tapjoy multiple Emails with proof that I did purchase a $10 for 3 Months for Texture magazines, I still haven't received any response back from them, I also sent proof of the running app and picture(screenshot) of a confirmation that I did indeed get the correct step to earn my currency, my email is curtisrusso22@yahoo.com, or reach me @ 530-604-9310, the reward was 1,344 gold for the game Kill Shot Bravo, hope to hear back from you, it's been 6 days since this has happened, Thank you so much, hope to resolve this matter very soon-Curtis Russo More...
  • Dishonest

    Exactly! Tapjoy does NOT honor paying out reward even when offer requirements are fulfilled. Then, to send them notice of a missing virtual payout they do NOTHING to correct. The abity to report is just to placade people and make them think something will be done! Twice I have not received the advertised reward for completing an offer. I have yet to get a response OR credit after communicating the issue to them. Boohoo, Apple pulled them ... Google needs to too. They are dishonest and manipulative. So, while they make REAL money they don't even honor virtual pay to those who... More...
  • No diamonds being credited.

    The purpose of my using Tapjoy to interact with advertisers is to earn diamonds in My Singing Monsters game. It may seem a little silly to be upset about not receiving intangible currency for an intangible game, but when you stop to think about the time sent and personal information shared, ASWELLAS the fact that Tapjoy receives real-life compensationfor my interactions with these advertisers, it becomes very upsetting to have your efforts ignored by not only the Tapjoy system, but the game as well. A few months ago, I sent a reguest, complete with screenshots, to Tapjoy asking for my... More...
  • missing rewards

    I have completed 2 offers and I have still not received my diamonds. I have submitted a ticket from missing diamonds for the purchase of an annual membership for Angie's list for 178 diamonds . it has been over a week and I have sent 3 emails along with the p[roof of purchase. also I have submitted a ticket for auto insurance quote for 80 diamonds 3 times also along with proof of completion and all i get are auto mated responses. I am sick of the lack of non-personal emails after submitting 6-8 emails regarding this matter. it's now over a week for both offers. More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
  • Scam

    I recently had downloaded two tiki games from tapjoy and had completed a couple of free offers for swords or binoculars. Though the ones who offered one a hand full did I receive after completing about 15. The bigger ones that are to award anywhere from 20-70 never panned,.I did contact and they were extremely rude. Asking for screenshots and emails. I provided and were never given credit for. I deleted both games. I then get an email by someone by the name of James B. Saying my account with tapjoy would be permanently deleted and suspended. OH MY SUCH HURT. NOT. He was rude and... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
  • No Rewards for Money Spent

    Sent from my iPhone On Sep 5, 2014, at 5:23 AM, David Bennett wrote: I've already received the item and I still don't have the Gold. Figure this out! Almost every offer I have participated in requires me emailing over and over again, providing proof. I have been a loyal patron if your services and I'm being strung along and treated as a criminal, minus due-process. You don't seem to understand, you are taking money with the promise of delivering another commodity. You are stealing and not providing the services you advertise. It is more simply stated-fraud!... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
  • unawarded runes

    The last 3 offers I completed did not award the promised runes for Rise of Berk. When I attempted to open a ticket within the game, I continually get a message to "enter a real email address", though the address is the same one I've always used for all tapjoy offers. When I attempted to contact customer service, my browser gives the mmessage "failed to create a secure connection", and the window closes. Finally, I located a customer service number, 866-723-1181, which is no longer in service, so apparently there is no way for me to reach the company to... More...
  • Blocked account/ missing currency

    I completed multiple offers to receive free gold in my modern war app, but was not rewarded gold, especially for offers that are supposed to give higher amounts of free gold. When I contacted tapjoy about this they responded back saying they found illegal activity on my account? They then proceeded to block my account so that I can no longer do free offers. All I ever did was download the offers that are listed on Tapjoy website. No attempt was made to find out if this activity truly occurred. I only attempted offers from the tapjoy website. Tapjoy never even attempted to correct this issue... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
  • Various Problems

    1. Tapjoy does not reward points for completed tasks. 2. Google Games you are supposed to play through Tapjoy often contain gory, disturbing themes and graphics. 3. Apps to be downloaded either require you to give your credit card info; or to give permission to view accounts on the telephone; or to play games which in turn require more Tapjoy applications in order to earn points for them (that is: to get points for App x, please install and play App y. In order to get points for App y, please install and play App z." More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Castle clash no rewards

    I complete a Tapjoy:offer in castle clash with All Slots Casino and I complete all what they ask for. After waiting two days, I contact TapJoy support and start chatting to résolve thé issue. After à couple of e-mail and sending them everything they need, we were waiting for All Slots Casino support to respond. Finally Tapjoy came back to me and tell me I haven't meet the requirements. I start chatting directly with thé casino and they did escalate my issue to their promotion team. Finallly, promotion team, after investigation, told me I have meet all the... More...
  • Discover Card D-Day reward

    I applied for and received a Discover Card through your company Tapjoy from within the D-Day game expecting to receive 400 gold as a reward. I have not received the gold and I am unable to even request that this issue be looked into as the offer does not show up in your "missing gold?" link. I fulfilled all the required steps including having the card and even making a purchase with it, I think it is time for Tapjoy to live up to your side of the deal. I hope I won't be yet another negative review for your company like so many I have seen so far. Respectfully, More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • Missing points

    Tapjoy is connected to many online/mobile games. They offer in-game points or credits by utilizing their advertisers services. I and many other customers are supporting their advertisers and they are not reciprocating by providing the agreed upon credits. I will not utilize any of their advertisers services until they complete their portion of the transaction. Additionally, I will contact the advertisers that I have done business with and advise them that they are being misrepresented by Tapjoy. More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
  • points not paid

    I signed up myself and my wife for discover credit cards and signed up for a credit monitoring service and received ZERO rewards points for doing so. I gave up an incredibly amount of personal info and damaged my credit for nothing. The Discover CC app is by far the most highly rewarded offer and the CC monitoring service was the 2nd highest and I didn't receive either offer even though I completed my obligation to complete the agreement. I will be following up. More...
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