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Tapjoy Reviews

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  • Blocked account/ missing currency

    I completed multiple offers to receive free gold in my modern war app, but was not rewarded gold, especially for offers that are supposed to give higher amounts of free gold. When I contacted tapjoy about this they responded back saying they found illegal activity on my account? They then proceeded to block my account so that I can no longer do free offers. All I ever did was download the offers that are listed on Tapjoy website. No attempt was made to find out if this activity truly occurred. I only attempted offers from the tapjoy website. Tapjoy never even attempted to correct this issue... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
  • Various Problems

    1. Tapjoy does not reward points for completed tasks. 2. Google Games you are supposed to play through Tapjoy often contain gory, disturbing themes and graphics. 3. Apps to be downloaded either require you to give your credit card info; or to give permission to view accounts on the telephone; or to play games which in turn require more Tapjoy applications in order to earn points for them (that is: to get points for App x, please install and play App y. In order to get points for App y, please install and play App z." More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Castle clash no rewards

    I complete a Tapjoy:offer in castle clash with All Slots Casino and I complete all what they ask for. After waiting two days, I contact TapJoy support and start chatting to résolve thé issue. After à couple of e-mail and sending them everything they need, we were waiting for All Slots Casino support to respond. Finally Tapjoy came back to me and tell me I haven't meet the requirements. I start chatting directly with thé casino and they did escalate my issue to their promotion team. Finallly, promotion team, after investigation, told me I have meet all the... More...
  • Discover Card D-Day reward

    I applied for and received a Discover Card through your company Tapjoy from within the D-Day game expecting to receive 400 gold as a reward. I have not received the gold and I am unable to even request that this issue be looked into as the offer does not show up in your "missing gold?" link. I fulfilled all the required steps including having the card and even making a purchase with it, I think it is time for Tapjoy to live up to your side of the deal. I hope I won't be yet another negative review for your company like so many I have seen so far. Respectfully, More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • Missing points

    Tapjoy is connected to many online/mobile games. They offer in-game points or credits by utilizing their advertisers services. I and many other customers are supporting their advertisers and they are not reciprocating by providing the agreed upon credits. I will not utilize any of their advertisers services until they complete their portion of the transaction. Additionally, I will contact the advertisers that I have done business with and advise them that they are being misrepresented by Tapjoy. More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
  • points not paid

    I signed up myself and my wife for discover credit cards and signed up for a credit monitoring service and received ZERO rewards points for doing so. I gave up an incredibly amount of personal info and damaged my credit for nothing. The Discover CC app is by far the most highly rewarded offer and the CC monitoring service was the 2nd highest and I didn't receive either offer even though I completed my obligation to complete the agreement. I will be following up. More...
  • Offer Wall Issue

    I integrated the tapjoy publisherwithoutudid sdk My Code is: - (void)applicationDidBecomeActive:(UIApplication *)application { [[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver:self selector:@selector(showEarnedCurrencyAlert:) name:TJC_TAPPOINTS_EARNED_NOTIFICATION object:nil]; } - (void)showEarnedCurrencyAlert:(NSNotification*)notifyObj { NSLog(@"showEarnedCurrencyAlert called"); NSNumber *tapPointsEarned = notifyObj.object; int earnedNum = [tapPointsEarned intValue]; NSLog(@"Currency earned: %d", earnedNum);... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • slotcity on facebook promotional chip giveaway

    On December 13th I submitted the info required by an ad found on Facebook for 20,000 creditsto be used by Slotcity Facebook users. I submitted the info twice and after receiving no credits I contacted Slotcity support and was referred to Tapjoy. I have never redeemed any promotion offered before and do not know how it. Is supposed to work.if you can provide me the info necessary to redeem the credit or explain how he pro.motion works I'd b very appreciative More...
  • No gold for apps

    I don't know what good it does because I see so many other complaints about tapjoy, but I've downloaded and ran, LOTS of apps that I still haven't got the gold for. I've noticed that the "missing gold" function is now missing in game, gardens of time, so I've sent several from the website "issue" function. Got only automated responses except one and was told they would fx it. Wonder how long it takes? When I first started using tapjoy, it worked fine. I just don't understand. Obviously they have lots of advertisers that pay them so they... More...
  • Gold

    I have install various tapjoy games to earn gold chips for my buddy rush, it include yoga, millionaire slot and a few more which i didnt get my rewards. Furthermore, which i read from forum, they say that the first sign up with tapjoy will receive 200 gold chips, which i didnt recieve too, please take a look in it. email: kelvintky@hotmail.com More...
  • Gold Bars from Gardens of Time

    Hello and good evening! I am hoping that there is something you can do about the fact that I have not received the gold bars that were promised for downloading certain apps. Is there any way you can send me what I've missed? My garden name is Alderaan7. I have downloaded over a dozen apps, including the Buddy one in which I successfully knocked down Buddy and am supposed to receive 12 for that one alone. I'm really hoping that this is just a temporary condition because this is a great way to get more gold bars. Otherwise, you all are amazing and thanks for your help!!! Have a nice... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • missing gold

    on the game avatar fight online's offer wall there is an offer from bigfish games, where you purchase a game and get a top up of just over 19k gold. i spent money to purchase a game in order to get this gold but it has not shown up! this is really frustrating as like i said i have spent my own money. also the offer is still there on the offer wall after i had completed it. please either refund my money or give me the gold which i was promised. thankyou More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
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