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Tapjoy Reviews

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  • Never recieved diamonds

    On Aug.3 I was playing Home Design. I am constantly buying diamonds and it seems very costly after awhile. Add said download Township and complete level 10 and receive free diamonds. It is now Aug. 15 and still no diamonds. After submitting a picture of the game showing I had passed level 10 nothing! I have since been playing Township and making purchases for coins. Today I purchased 50 coins, money has been taken out of my account and no coins! I am on a fixed income below poverty level and this is ridiculous! I am disabled and unable to go anywhere and yet I'm spending more money... More...
    Ix2sew's Picture   Ix2sew    0 Comments   Comments
  • Tapjoy Fraudulent Offers

    I fulfilled an offer as requested by Talbot and was not compensated with the avacoins. This was an offer to sign up and follow through with payment for an account on Fandor movie app. Well, it said my coins would appear in 24 hours. Haha! Not only have I not received any coins, but when I attempt to put in the support ticket, Tapjoy has denied there was ever an offer with this company!! Now, come on! I never even heard of Fandor till I saw this offer! How would I know any info about it if there was never an offer. Now I am seeing all the other support tickets here saying they have not been... More...
  • Deliberately Misleading

    Recently, in order to earn coins for Daily Celebrity Crossword, I downloaded and installed the games Gardenscapes and Township. Gardenscapes required that to earn 10 coins, I had to play through the tutorial; the requirement for Township was to play through level 10 for 21 coins. I have done as asked and have received no coins from Tapjoy. It has been more than a few days – more than a week! I have played beyond the requested levels. I never received any emails, nor was there adequate information given regarding screen shots, etc. This seems more than a little dishonest on the part of... More...
    AnniePie's Picture   AnniePie    0 Comments   Comments
  • Missing Gems

    I have been waiting for quite a while now ever since I finished my task and I haven't received my gems.When I first looked at it,I was so amazed for how much gems it would give and i when i finished the task,I didn't receive my rewards.I have heard that people have received the gems after months of waiting but I am growing unpatient and I hope that I can get my gems soon. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    DPTG's Picture   DPTG    0 Comments   Comments
  • Tapjoy not issuing credits or responding

    I have filled out so many offers through tapjoy for the home design app and I only get my credits 50% of the time. I signed up for HGTV mag which cost me $18 and never got my credits. Ran my credit through credit karma and downloaded the app.. never got anything. Signed up for Starz.. never got anything, the best beaches slideshow and still nothing. There's other offers that I downloaded but can't recall that didn't work either. When I reach out to tapjoy , I get the same automated response asking to make sure I followed all the proper steps or that I already received my... More...
  • Tapjoy missing coins

    I completed a total of 4 offers on avakin life and not received any of my coins. I submitted a ticket, but they say I received my coins. I sent pictures trying to prove I completed the two big offers, but no reply. The tapjoy app also say I didn't receive but the ticket say I did. Can u please help me with this issue Order a Rush card 13440 Complete level 25 gardenscapes 15702 More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Missing diamonds for doing tapjoy action

    I did a Tapjoy offer that said I would receive 8564 diamonds in the Covet game for paying $2.98 Shipping and Handling for Highlights magazines. I paid the money via credit card and despite contacting Tapjoy on numerous occasions and sending evidence of my purchase via screenshots of the confirmation of payment and forwarding emails from Highlights, I still have not received any follow up nor the diamonds from Tap Joy. This is infuriating, especially since this is not the first time this happened. More...
  • No reward for in game offer

    I don't know if I'm doing this in the right place or not but. I completed a offer in the game dragon souls where I had to sign up to playlottery.com and pay £1 for a euromillions ticket, I done this I got my ticket the £1 was took out my bank account but I never got my diamonds I emailed two-hour they asked for more information so I sent them screenshots of the playlottery web page after I registered and payed but they have not replied after 3 days and I'm getting frustrated. Iknow £1 is not alot but that's not the point I payed for a service got the... More...
  • My missing currency

    I sent Tapjoy multiple Emails with proof that I did purchase a $10 for 3 Months for Texture magazines, I still haven't received any response back from them, I also sent proof of the running app and picture(screenshot) of a confirmation that I did indeed get the correct step to earn my currency, my email is curtisrusso22@yahoo.com, or reach me @ 530-604-9310, the reward was 1,344 gold for the game Kill Shot Bravo, hope to hear back from you, it's been 6 days since this has happened, Thank you so much, hope to resolve this matter very soon-Curtis Russo More...
  • Tapjoy supports scam sites and runs dishonestly

    I have been using tapjoy to earn diamonds in a game called Covet. I have had to contact Tapjoy no fewer than 6 times regarding failed 'payments'. I opened two support tickets today. One was for an offer that is not an app to run and does NOT send a confirmation email. The bulk of the options to earn in-game currency are surveys. "Complete a 5 minute survey!" Sure. You go through pages of questions, get "matched to a survey" start the survey, then 5 minutes later, it says (again) that you have been matched to a survey. Over and over. I don't... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    pjbf1979's Picture   pjbf1979    0 Comments   Comments
  • Arrogant, unhelpful costumer service

    The people working for Tapjoy costumer service are unhelpful and uninterested. They advertise with rewards for Android apps and games and often they don't deliver, if you should choose to waste your time contacting them they will most likely just end up ignoring you. I have managed to plead my case well enough to actually recieve my "free" reward of worthless virtual currency a couple of times, and my record is to do it in 3 emails. Thanks Tapjoy! More...
    Michaelaune's Picture   Michaelaune    1 Comments   Comments
  • Dishonest

    Exactly! Tapjoy does NOT honor paying out reward even when offer requirements are fulfilled. Then, to send them notice of a missing virtual payout they do NOTHING to correct. The abity to report is just to placade people and make them think something will be done! Twice I have not received the advertised reward for completing an offer. I have yet to get a response OR credit after communicating the issue to them. Boohoo, Apple pulled them ... Google needs to too. They are dishonest and manipulative. So, while they make REAL money they don't even honor virtual pay to those who... More...
  • Missing diamonds - 495

    Case no. 12553861: I have taken up a free trial with Quickflix, submitted my account details, sent all requested information to Tapjoy 4 days ago after not receiving 495 diamonds and haven't heard from anyone yet. I find Tapjoy to be ineffective and unprofessional. I have several cases opened with them (going back a couple of months and this is the latest one)!!! More...
    (Cable TV)
    amiletic2014's Picture   amiletic2014    0 Comments   Comments
  • Surveys are just data mining spammers

    I play an app called Covet. There is an option to earn 'Diamonds' for use as currency in this app. Tapjoy advertises for these surveys, which are page after page of questions that you have to answer. More often than not you come to a page, after completing over 20 pages, that has no option to continue. In order to collect your reward, TAPJOY requires a THANK you email from the data-miners who are gathering your information. Since there is NEVER a THANK you email, you cannot provide this proof to TAPJOY. Steer clear of surveys, they are a scam, and if you do take them, take... More...
    treowe's Picture   treowe    2 Comments   Comments
  • tapjoy tricks!

    there was an offer that says i need to create an account on a movie site and start 7 days trail. and i did and i check my offer status after 24 hours. it says that my offer is not completed. i wrote a ticket and said that i did complete and they ask me to prove that i registed and started 7 days trail. they wanted me send them the mail that movie site sent me but there is no mail no bill. to be sure of that i created another account on that site and still no mails!! i tell what happened to them and send them screen shots of my profile from that site but i think its not enough for them they... More...
    trksyln's Picture   trksyln    0 Comments   Comments
  • Tapjoy doesn't award family jewels

    I play Family House online. Tapjoy claims I can earn 288 family jewels by inquiring about a car insurance quote. Not only did I finish the inquiry, I spoke to a lovely lady named Michelle at 865-226-1191 who helped me switch my car insurance to Titan Insurance. Yes, I was genuinely interested in switching my insurance and figured I'd add to my game while doing it. The add said it may take up to 30 mminutes to show on my account. Well, today is nearly 24 hours later and no jewels. When I tried to send a complaint straight to Tapjoy suddenly there was an error processing my request... More...
    lovelytl33's Picture   lovelytl33    0 Comments   Comments
  • No diamonds being credited.

    The purpose of my using Tapjoy to interact with advertisers is to earn diamonds in My Singing Monsters game. It may seem a little silly to be upset about not receiving intangible currency for an intangible game, but when you stop to think about the time sent and personal information shared, ASWELLAS the fact that Tapjoy receives real-life compensationfor my interactions with these advertisers, it becomes very upsetting to have your efforts ignored by not only the Tapjoy system, but the game as well. A few months ago, I sent a reguest, complete with screenshots, to Tapjoy asking for my... More...
  • Firm in China

    I found the firm in China to be unreliable. bad education for those of work for it, Poor management They where looking for training in English and a friend of mine top grade applied and their email to him was over qualified. This shows the type of firm they are very bad management in China, Their people are not of high quality. I would never recommend this firm to anyone, In fact I would advise top grade firms to avoid them at all possible . This is not a progressive firm especially their China Operations More...
    (Education, Schools)
    Dancer19501's Picture   Dancer19501    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lots of tapping but no joy

    Extremely poor levels of customer service. Paid for and Completed 1 offer on 1st January 2015 sent all proofs as requested by customer service, have been given the run around by customer services ever since and never once been given an explanation as to why, only information provided is that i must wait longer and don't message us again only to never hear anything. Completed another offer on the 1st February sent proofs as requested told would be contacted within 5 business say. Still no response and I don't expect to get one. Anyone having to deal with Tapjoy customer... More...
    Chris2008's Picture   Chris2008    0 Comments   Comments
  • missing rewards

    I have completed 2 offers and I have still not received my diamonds. I have submitted a ticket from missing diamonds for the purchase of an annual membership for Angie's list for 178 diamonds . it has been over a week and I have sent 3 emails along with the p[roof of purchase. also I have submitted a ticket for auto insurance quote for 80 diamonds 3 times also along with proof of completion and all i get are auto mated responses. I am sick of the lack of non-personal emails after submitting 6-8 emails regarding this matter. it's now over a week for both offers. More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)

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Tapjoy Comments

chareex says: (4 years ago)
I have wasted so much time on tapjoy offers and 9 times out of 10 I never receive my reward. I am beyond frustrated. I play these games to relax and instead find myself irritated beyond believe trying not to smash my phone out of frustration. 2 of these games are through kiwi: shipwrecked and westbound. In order to get anywhere in these games you have to do offers or pay cash. It is a rip off. Instead of one resource being hard to obtain they have 3 in each game. Without swords/pick axes, you cant go any further. Very dissapointed.

iDOBERMAN says: (5 years ago)
About TURF WARS app.why there is no 5points offer in capitol of poland?why i cant get them And my friends who live 5km away got them?twice a year i givin me offer.other player collecting them every 24hrs

Pissedoffbigtime says: (5 years ago)
Tapjoy owes me over 300 diamonds for completing offers. Contacted them through support but no reply from them! They suck big time!!!!!

Meese says: (5 years ago)
For my singing monster go to setting and press claim reward should work then

Kingbmm says: (6 years ago)
My apps are not showing on tapjoy for modern war or crime city like I was before. I switched my phones( which is the same kind of phone) and now it doesn't work!!!! Fix my s**t tapjoy!!!

DrGregoryHouseMD says: (6 years ago)
Alright, so I download the apps for mythril in Star Warefare, I've done atleast 3 by now. It was a Priceline for 11, Hotels app for 11, and one for 5 mythril witch I cannot remember the specific name for. Everytime my starwarfare gets frozen with the amount on the screen covered by a vertical (should be horizontal) ad for another way to download for mythril. I'm ver upset by this and wondering if it is possible to fix this problem and get my mythril still.

Homslyce says: (6 years ago)
Have Mafia Farm on my cel ph and have enjoyed you're rewards so far but now seem to not be able to collect on the high number of papayas on completion of request ,which have fullfilled with CamingClub Casino if you will honor yo're offer I will consider you honorable to you'er offers.Thank You.

jonesp37 says: (6 years ago)
over 24 hours since I tried to get golds on roman empire app. Using Tapjoy I signed up to william hill bingo, deposited 10 GBP and played some games and placed a bet. I have not received the gold promised.
I also completed the jackpotcity offer, exactly the same, signed up and deposited and no reward of gold either.

I have emailed them a few times and had no response. I am far from happy and it is actually runing my experience on the game I was trying to play.

You are very quick to take the money, but your customer service and fixing problems is abysmal. What exactly are you going to do about this problem? And will you respond to my problem?

Mhuck11213 says: (6 years ago)
I also have signed up for Netflix to receive my 178 gems that I despretly need and have not received them and this is not the first time it has happened and its a load of bull

Kallieb1 says: (6 years ago)
I signed up for Netflix to earn money for top girl. I was supposed to get $81 and I didn't get anything, so I will delete, and tell my mother and 3 other women I know to delete their top girl games because they are deceitful on top girl

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